David Neel Photography.


The Indigenous people of North America have overcome great obstacles and today the people and their traditions are flourishing. David Neel, a member of the Kwakiutl tribal nation, has been photographing Native culture for over 30 years - this website is a selection of his work.

David Neel Biography

David Neel is a fifth generation traditional Kwakiutl artist and a professional photographer. He studied and apprenticed in the United States before returning to Vancouver, Canada to work as a multi-media artist and photographer, specializing in documenting contemporary Indigenous people. He has been working professionally for over 30 years; he is the author of two books on Native culture; and he has been widely published and has had solo exhibitions in major institutions, such as: The National Museum of the American Indian, New York; the UBC Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver; and the National Portrait Gallery of Canada, Ottawa.